About Us

Hi, I'm Randy Carleton

I'd like to welcome you to

Carleton's Grand Jerky. We are introducing you to an old recipe that has been in my family for many generations.

Our jerky does not  taste like the traditional jerky you find on the shelves. In fact Our family recipe has flavor that keeps your family and friends coming back for more. 

We use a "Sweet Brine" process that enhances the meats full flavor, "and that is what separates it from all the rest." Those that have tried it sincerely say "Its the best they've ever tasted."

If you haven't yet, give Grand Jerky a try, and I guarantee you will come back for more.

Jerky Essentials

Whats great about our product is not only the taste but the packaging. 

Vacuum sealed in a 6 mm impervious package for freshness, in fact date stamped for ( 1 ) year, packed with 8 grams of protein per. serving,  which is perfect for Sports, outdoor recreation, like fishing, hiking, hunting, travel and biking. It works great for emergency situations like bug-out bags, survivalist rations and winter readiness kits.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Made in the USA, right in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

We invite Businesses and Distributors alike to carry our product in your locations for re-sale. Great for shows, and fundraisers too. 

Visit our "Contact Us" and choose which type of purchase.

About Us

Shows and Fundraisers

             Featured here at a show is Randy Carleton, I can just hear Randy say "It's not the same ol' salty cow!"

Founder - Randy Carleton

Founder: Randy Carleton at a Civic Center event.

Great for  sales at Sporting events and fairs.

Owner - Howard E. Anderson III

Owner / CEO Proudly rep's outside Mt. Rushmore vendor area.

A warm welcome from Howard E. Anderson III CEO & Co-owner of Carleton's Grand Jerky.