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Family Recipe

Carleton's "Grand" recipe is more than this one of a kind "Sweet Brine" taste you're about to enjoy.The old Carleton family recipe dates back ( 4 ) four generations of men and women that have lived off the land  and traditions. Great Grandpa was a professional hunter that made a living from harvesting and selling wild game in the "sand hills." A generation later Grandpa homestead to the Badlands of South Dakota. As a 21 tear old took his 16 year old bride to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They raised their family of  ( 5 ) five in a Sod house near

Longvalley, SD.  It was here in the rough but beautiful country where I learned the rich family tradition and Grand family recipes. 

     While discovering to be one with nature, some of my fondest memories were in the beautiful Cottonwood canyons and steep pine hills. It was here that my Grand Parents shared with me the secrets of pure country living and wholesome family recipes.

      Most of the Carleton family still live in this part of the country, Farmers, Ranchers, local butcher shops and jerky manufacturers alike, continue to share Grand family recipes, and a love these "Grand" family traditions.

I know you'll find a taste of traditional old west, in every bite!


Randy Carleton


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